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About Us

Because achieving a dream is possible !
Spc server is a subsidiary of SPC ENTERPRISE INC. Spc Server is an enterprise Web hosting streaming audio and video, creating web applications. We rely on a fair pricing policy, the simplicity of use of our services and in an attitude of continuous improvement that involves every member of the company. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with great talent and ability to work in teams. In SpcServer.net understand that those who make the difference are the people who work to provide a unique service experience to our customers. We value our human capital, understanding it as the vital link to success in our business objectives.


Rogelio Leon P.

We know that there may be setbacks, there may be errors, but with the necessary intelligence and determination to take action, the most audacious goals are achieved. Our vision is to become the main reference in telecoms company. Get the recognition of all our customers. Bring technological innovation to our society as well as an example of good service and profitability.

Juan Carlos Leon Y.

When we started Spcserver, what we had was a dream, many ideas and attitude to carry them out and we are here and we are going for more.

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Our Customers

Meet some of the success stories of companies that trust us. And with over 8 years providing the best service.

Customers Area

  • Honduras

    Spc server ha sido a lo largo de estos años un gran socio a nivel informático de nuestra compañía. Siendo una empresa seria, que ofrece un gran nivel de disponibilidad y servicio y cuyo servicio técnico es ágil, efectivo y amable.




                                                  Canmara de Comercio de Honduras

  • Bolivia

    Spcserver ha prestado un excelente servicio a nuestra empresa, complementado por muy buen Soporte y acompañamiento. Estamos satisfechos con el producto ofrecido y con el cumplimiento de esta empresa.


                                                Contrucción de plataformas fx

  • Chile

    Realmente el servicio prestado por Spcserver a sido de lo mejor comparado con otros de nuestros proveedores de la misma línea de negocio, la eficacia y profesionalismo de las personas que nos atienden es total, lo cual hace que cada día ratifiquen su primer lugar y nos den la confianza que necesitamos para que sigan con nosotros.

                                                                                                             Radio Futuro

  • Seguridad

    Spcserver brindan un servicio oportuno y con quienes hemos construido una relación comercial de largo plazo.





                                                      Seguridad y Sistemas Bolivia

  • Slaskie

    Są zadowoleni z usług, dzięki tobie się jesteśmy na powietrzu codziennie dzięki spcserver.



                                                                           Slaskie Radio

  • Mexico

     El servicio de ayuda que ofrece  Spcserver es muy rápido y fácil de entender.

    somos la radio en Mexico




                                                                         Radio Nuevo Leon

  • North Carolina

    Radio la voz de cristo 1430 AM wdjs  agradece el excelente servicio a spc server.net. Gracias por  sus  servicios  durante estos  5 años an sido excelentes nosotros como radio recomendamos esta empresa, att:  Bayron Perez programador general, Bertilio Morales presidente.




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The customer must have user name and password to access the control panel. If you do not have the appropriate device data contact us.


What we offer

Quality at your fingertips !
The web solutions at Spcserver provides, enables businesses to leverage leading edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantages in today's marketplace.


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We are a reliable institution that provide service solutions with high quality web hosts. Since all our hosting plans come with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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